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Technical Information

Technical Information

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) are rapidly evolving while at the same time their usage is expanding. Keeping services agile, adaptable and up-to-date is essential in today's technology-driven environment. To cope with any bullish market surge at any time CDBL has replaced its entire server & storage systems with state of the art high-end servers & storage systems to enhance its processing and storage capacity to efficiently handle large volume transactions and data.

 Redundant fail-over cluster and equipment have been put into place to eliminate single point of failure at the Data Centre to ensure seamless operation.

World's leading software solution developer Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has provided CDBL's application software namely Versatile Engine for Depository Accounting System (VeDAS) which is a 64-bit comprehensive depository system operated in an automated environment. The system has enhanced security features that prevent unauthorized user access to the servers and the database. It forces policy-based password protection at regular intervals, has different user-level access rights for the operators. The system is modular and scalable, and is built on a Unix system with Oracle as the RDBMS.

Disaster Recovery Site (DRS)

The Disaster Recovery Site is equipped with the same system configuration as the Main Data Center to ensure that large volume transactions can continue to be handled seamlessly in case of any malfunction in the Main Data Center. The Main Data Center and the Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) are connected online via Dark Fibre with redundant links and data is replicated real-time through synchronous method to prevent data loss in the DRS. An effective Business Continuity Plan is in place to respond to any disruption in the system or functions in any module.

On-site Multiple Backup

CDBL has implemented a robust backup strategy for safekeeping all CDS data to avoid any loss of data in the event of a mishap. Daily multiple on-site backup is taken ensuring that investor's shares in CDS are well protected. First set of backup data is stored in local storage disk and second copy is stored in Tape media.

Off-site Backup

Daily a set of tapes containing latest backup data is stored in a safe vault in a different physical location.

Application and Network Security

In today's business environment organizations cannot afford to compromise security. Whether the business needs to run without interruptions or handle large data that must stay uncompromised, protecting the operating environment is vital. CDBL has taken appropriate measures to establish an effective IT Security Policy to prevent cyber attacks and to improve its resilience as well as ensuring preservation of confidentiality, integrity, availability of systems to the Depository Participants.

Maintaining standards of best practice for network and server access and authentication are critical to CDBL's information security. Accordingly an appropriate Network Security Policy has been implemented to prevent security incidents by consistent application of authentication and access standards across the network.

CDBL network is secured with state of the art multi layer hardware Firewalls which filter incoming and outgoing data traffic packets. Any unauthorized attempts of access or intrusion from unknown external sources is instantly recognized and rejected.

Information Security

CDBL has implemented appropriate information security and cyber security practices to efficiently handle confidential data. CDBL system is subject to review and the security policies followed are audited by outsource experts. CDBL has adopted an Information Security Management System conforming to the specifications of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and the best practices adopted in ISO/IEC 27002:2013.