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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL) shall be a dynamic, forward looking institution committed to adding value to the business of its clients. It will be equipped with up-to-date Information Technology to ensure prompt customer response and provide innovative solutions to the needs of the capital market playing a pivotal role in Bangladesh’s financial services sector.


CDBL will have a sound management team with carefully-chosen, highly-motivated staff fostering a spirit of enthusiasm balanced with prudent policies to achieve a high level of sophistication and expertise in the performance of its personnel by consistently striving to provide high quality services that are reliable, transparent and efficient by:

  • Emphasizing the importance of the customer,
  • Unleashing employee initiative by empowering them,
  • Viewing activities of the business as processes and the goal of continuous improvement.

Management’s leadership endeavor is to forge a passionate, inspired, motivated and cohesive team to operate from a fully common bottom line, sharing the same agenda, driven by the same vision to achieve the best possible results, not only for the shareholders and the employees but also to boost public confidence in CDBL’s growing strength as an independent, professionally managed institution.