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Technical Information
Main Data Centre of CDBL is equipped with -

    - HP 9000 rp8440 & rp3440 Enterprise Class Servers
    - HP StorageWorks 8100 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA)
    - HP 4/16-port Storage Area Network (SAN) switch
    - HP StorageWorks 6636 Virtual Library System (VLS)
    - HP StorageWorks MSL 6060 Tape Library and ancillary equipment.

Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC) , which is also a secondary backup center of the main server of CDBL is located at BGIC Tower, 34 Topkhana and equipped with another set of the same equipment as the main data centre.

Connectivity for data update is done instantly via dedicated fiber point to point direct connections.

Software application is the TCS's VeDAS (Versatile Engine for Depository Accounting System) built on three-tier architecture, whose graphical user interface (GUI) is built with Visual Basic, while TUXEDO ( Transactions for Unix, Extended for Distributed Operations) is used as the middleware as the transaction manager, and Oracle 10g R2 as the centralized database . The server platform is HP-Unix.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is maintained by high powered APC UPS's configured with extra power stabilizers to keep the system functional in case of power failures at the main national grid. Our main center is strategically located at the national Information and Communication Technology (ICT) incubator building where the power interruption is kept to a minimum.

The power system at the DRC backup center is also supported by an extra independent power generator configured with extra power stabilizers to ensure redundancy.

Multiple Data Backup Strategy:

  1. Client End Backup: The Depository Participants (DP's) keep back up of all their daily transactions at their locations.
  2. Server End Backup: Every day the DP's upload their daily transactions on our servers remotely.
  3. Mirror or Fail over Server: With the help of a mirror server, a copy of all data is also kept on our storage server if and when the main running server stops functioning. This storage server is synchronized with a replica storage server at DDRC.
  4. Onsite Backup Server: For immediate recovery, at the local site we maintain a backup server that initiates the backup activity in case of any failure.
  5. Tape Backup: As a standard practice, all information is backed up on tape drives on a daily basis at the main location; that can be restored back on servers if and when needed.
  6. Data and Disaster Recovery Center (DDRC): This is a clone IT location of our main location where we have a similar setup for use in emergencies in case the main location fails to operate. DDRC also acts as a backup center where the data is instantly and constantly synchronized through our Storage Area Network (SAN) setup.
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